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Multi Gyms/SV2503 Home Gym with Cover

Select Products Online offers exercise, fitness, boxing equipment Our online store featuring over 300 products for sale under a secure connection, for all your exercise, fitness and boxing needs.


                                SV2503 HOME GYM WITH COVER

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                                SV2503 HOME GYM WITH COVER
                            (Optional Upgrade to 200 lb. Weight Stack)
                        150 Lb. Weight Stack
                              Bench Press - Military Press
                         Seal Triceps Press
                           Mid Row - Lat. Pull down
                             Front Lat. Row - Abdominal Crunch
                             Triceps Push Down - Leg Extension
                            Low Row - Vertical Butterfly
                      Peck Duck
                              Setup Size: 142X105X203 cm. 
                                Main Tube 50X50X20

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